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White Dove Memorials for Pets. It is here that you can create, for free, an everlasting tribute, a memory of a special pet you have loved and lost. Our website is not about death, it's about life. It's about appreciating the beautiful gift of being alive and taking the time to remember beings who are no longer with us, and sharing with those that are..

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  • A great site that I really am pleased I found! It has allowed me to add a tribute to a very dear friend when my limited funds found it difficult to show my feelings. Thanks!!!
  • Great Site, super free themes a really good way to make a tribute to a loved one.

Welcome to White Dove Memorials for Pets

Welcome to White Dove Memorials for Pets. The loss of a pet can have a deep impact on you and the family, and our system provides a mechanism for celebrating the companionship and preserving that spirit. Your pet memorial will be a helpful step in the healing process. Here you can create a free online memorial to reminisce, remember and pay tribute to those special pets who have enriched your life, and the life of family and friends. White Dove Memorials is a place for families to come together and a stark reminder to not waste a single day, a reminder that every day together is precious, and beautiful. We hope White Dove Memorials for Pets will help with your grief and bring a positive perspective to your memories and appreciation of everything around you. White Dove Memorial members come together young and old alike, all races and all places around the world. Whether we like it or not we all have a tenuous grip on life and occasionally we need to be reminded of how much we have to live for. That is the purpose of White Dove Memorials and our Associated websites.

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  •   Share the story of your departed pet
  •   Share the photos online
  •   Create their Album and slidehows, add music
  •   Pay Tribute and relive their memories
  •   Send messages of condolences
  •   Invite friends and family
  •   Share the info on SocialNetworking Sites
  •   Create,Search and find memorials

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